Assay’s Call for Submissions and “In the Classroom” Review

imageEditor’s Note: I want to be sure that regular readers of “In the Classroom” have seen Assay’s call for our spring issue.


Assay Call for Papers: Diversity in Nonfiction

Our spring issue will take up issues of diversity in nonfiction, so please send us your articles, conversations, and pedagogy that address diverse nonfiction texts, underrepresented authors, and varied educational environments. Deadline for full consideration is January 1, 2016.


Thank you for spreading the word and submitting!

Our “In the Classroom” series will continue next Monday (and wrap up our fall series) with a piece from Jen Palmares Meadows. You can read Jen’s super Assay panel post about “The Beasts Amongst Us” from NonfictioNOW here. You can also read a Jen’s great NonfictioNOW posts about “The View from the Slush Pile” over at BrevityPart I and Part II.

We’ve had a super year with our “In the Classroom” series, covering “Favorite Essays to Teach” and “Writers to Read.” A few examples: we started this fall with Jessica Handler writing about Joan Didion, continued with Sophfronia Scott writing about Robert Vivian (“dervish essays”!), and last week Stacy Murison wrote about Brian Doyle. Erin Davis wrote about teaching Jess Walter’s “Citizen Vince” and Dinty W. Moore wrote about teaching Debra Marquart’s “Hochzeit.” There was all that and more.

We’re grateful to all who contribute to what we trust is a valuable resource for teachers, students, readers, and writers. As you finish your fall grading and make your holiday writing plans, keep Assay in mind!

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