Topic: On Rivers

Thanks to Julija Šukys for this list on rivers! Add your suggestions in the comments below!

  • Joan Didion, “At the Dam
  • Joan Didion, “Holy Water,” The White Album
  • Matthew Power’s “Mississippi Drift,” Harper’s
  • Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi
  • Henry David Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
  • Tony Hillerman New Mexico, Rio Grande, and Other Essays
  • Edwin Way Teale & Ann Zwinger, A Conscious Stillness: Two Naturalists on Thoreau’s Rivers
  • Mike Barenti, Kayaking Alone
  • Tim Cahill, “This Teeming Ark”
  • Susan Fox Rogers, My Reach
  • Rosemary Mahoney, Down the Nile
  • John McPhee, The Control of Nature
  • Barry Lopez “The Naturalist
  • Barry Lopez, River Notes
  • Ed Abbey, Down the River
  • Dinty Moore, “Rivering,” Far Edges of the Fourth Genre
  • Dinty Moore, “Ah, Wilderness! Humans, Hawks, and the Search for Ecological Correctness on the Muddy Rio Grande ” Arts & Letters, Issue 2, Fall 1999
  • ‪Alice Meynell, “Rushes and Reeds”
  • Bill Roorbach “Temple Stream”
  • Scott Russell Sanders, Staying Put
  • David Quammen, “The Same River Twice”
  • Kathleen Dean Moore, Riverwalking: Reflections on Moving Water.
  • Selections from At Home On This Earth: Two Centuries of US Women’s Nature Writing
  • Susan Fenimore Cooper, “The Hudson River and Its Early Names
  • John Proctor, “Blue Crabs in the Hudson”
  • Washington Irving’s Knickerbocker (on the Hudson River)
  • John McPhee, “Encounters with the Archdruid III – A River
  • A.J. Verdelle,  “70117”

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