Prairie Silence- A Book Preview

hoffertAs I mentioned in my last post, I’m a truth teller. I hate keeping secrets and was brought up being told to always be honest. ┬áBut what if I had a big secret? How long could I let it eat away at me? How would it change my life?

For author Melanie Hoffert, she kept her silence for years growing up on the prairie of North Dakota. Coming out was not something people did on the farm. Life led her to live and work in Minneapolis, but in this thought-provoking memoir, Hoffert takes us on her harvest time journey back to her small town, the farm, and the silences that still existed on the land. Prairie Silence is “a rural expatriate’s journey to reconcile home, love, and faith.”

Hoffert writes with such warmth and honesty it’s like re-connecting with an old friend who somehow feels comfortable enough to share her deepest yearnings, pains, and joys in release and understanding. It must have taken real gumption to write this book, but it is also easy to see how necessary it was. Continue reading