Assay @AWP17 — Our Book Fair & Panel Information

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Assay will be at AWP17! Please come visit us at our Book Fair table and please attend our Saturday panel. We would love to introduce ourselves and to meet you in person. (Yes, we are shy, too, but we have Assay pens to give away.)

Assay’s AWP Saturday Panel Information:

Panel Name: S215. Assaying “Our Hybrid Thing”: The Cross-Pollination of Nonfiction Studies and Pedagogy

Panelists: Karen Babine, Ned Stuckey-French, Jenny Spinner, Taylor Brorby, Crystal Fodrey

Date: Saturday, February 11

Time: 1:30pm to 2:45pm

Place: Archives, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Four

Panel description: What is the place and purpose of nonfiction studies? How do nonfiction scholarship and pedagogy serve the larger community of writers and teachers? Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies aims to make the theoretical and practical conversations of nonfiction more accessible to writers, readers, students, teachers, and scholars. Assay’s editors and authors discuss the state of nonfiction studies and the role it can play in creative writing classrooms and programs.

Assay’s AWP Book Fair Table Information:

Book Fair Table: 530-T

Pens! We have Assay pens!

Assay_AWP17.pngKaren Babine, Taylor Brorby, and Nick Nelson will be at the table to meet you and to answer all your questions–and to thank you for your contributions to Assay. A few members of our Board of Directors have also agreed to welcome you at our table, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet our whole crew. (Renee E. D’Aoust will be posting conference reports from her home base in Switzerland; she sends yodels from afar. Read on.)

Assay’s #AWP17 Conference Reports:

We will also put out a call for guest bloggers to cover conference panels and events. This is a great way to be a literary citizen by providing access to those who might not be at the conference and/or to those who want to be in two or three places at one time.

This is the first year Assay has an official, formal presence at AWP, and we are so pleased it means we can expand our mission to serve your needs.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference & Book Fair (AWP17) takes place in Washington D.C. from February 9-11. You can find the conference page here.

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