Call for Submissions!

imageWe’re just coming down from the high of our fall issue and we’re already reading excellent work for our Spring 2016 issue, which will go live on March 1, 2016. We have some special things in store for our spring and we hope you’ll join us.

The first is that we’re concentrating on Diversity in Nonfiction in our spring issue. We’ll feature a Spotlight on the subject, but we also are looking for general submissions that represent the full diversity of writers and ideas in nonfiction, whether that is race, gender, ethnicity, class, neurodiversity, ecodiversity, or any other distinction you can think of. We’re looking for underrepresented writers and texts, new readings and interpretations. We’re looking for submissions that address diverse populations, especially in terms of educational institutions.

We will still read and accept general submissions to Articles, Conversations, and Pedagogy, though we’re specifically looking for work in this vein. Click here to read the submission guidelines and click here to query us with your questions. Can’t wait to see what you send us!

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