Assay@NonfictionNow2015: Call for Saturday Bloggers!

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Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to report on Thursday and Friday panels at NonfictioNow! We’re really excited to hear your perspectives.

Here is the call for panels on Saturday, October 31, 2015. If you’ve already signed up for a Thursday or Friday spot, please feel free to sign up for another. Let us know in the comment section below if you’d be willing to write a blog post about a panel or reading.

Your guest blog post should be around 500-700 words and can be a summary, personal thoughts, quotes, or anything memorable that our nonfiction community would love to know about since we can’t all be at everything. Once your post is ready, send it in the text of an email to assayjournal (at) along with a one or two line bio and we’ll post them to our blog ASAP.

Please make sure to like our page on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter — that way, we can tag you when your post goes live. Thank you, all!


Saturday, 31 October

9.00 am – 10.15 am

  • The I or The Eye (Michael Steinberg, Mimi Schwartz, Renee E. D’Aoust, Jessica Handler, and Lad Tobin)
  • Woolf’s Lyrical Essays (Heidi Stalla, Anne Sand, Spenser Mestel, Alexanne Madison, Patricia Foster)
  • Mix It Up (Matt Batt, Paisley Rekdal, Jacob Paul, Dylan Keefe)
  • You Lived Through It; Do We Have To Read About It? (Sandi Wisenberg, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Thomas Larson, Janice Gary)
  • Inside/Outside: Blending Personal and Public Concerns in Nonfiction (Laura Plitkins, Mark Rozema, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, Sherry Nanninga Walker, Peggy Shumaker)


10.45 am – 12 am

  • Unusual Foods and the Edible Guests (Matthew Gavin Frank, Elena Passarello, Amy Wright, Joni Tevis)
  • Adventures in Poetic Biography (Benjamin Laird, Dennis Cooley, Jessica Wilkinson, Heidi Czerwiec)
  • Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Myths (Rhiannon Sorrell, Rachel May, Nancy Caronia)
  • Crime into Story (Peter Doyle, Alix Lambert, Dennis Mohr, Annie Docenti)
  • Crafting True: The Complementary Worlds of Narrative Journalism and the Essay (Megan Kimble, Lisa O’Neill, and Katherine E. Standefer)


12.15 pm – 1.15 pm

Keynote Address by Roxane Gay


2.30 pm – 3.45 pm

  • Is This a Golden Age for Women Essayists? (Brenda Miller, Amy Wright, Nicole Walker, Marcia Aldrich)
  • Weird Places and Particular Spaces (Bill Carter, Annette McGivney, Jane Armstrong, Tim Flannery)
  • Charting Uncertainty (Deanna Benjamin, Corinna Cook, Eric O. Scott, Travis Scholl, Julija Sukys)
  • Writing the Difficult Other: On the Craft and Ethics of Putting Problematic People on the Page (Wendy Ortiz, Sarah Tomlinson, Sarah Einstein, Liz Prato)
  • Judith Kitchen and the Concept of the Ideal Reader (Kate Carroll DeGutes, Dinah Lenney, Peggy Shumaker)


4 pm – 5.15 pm

  • The Science of Story: Creative Nonfiction and Cognitive Science (Nancy Ballard, Dave Madden, Sean Prentiss, Matthew Gavin Frank)
  • Finding the Story, Finding the Form (Peter Turchi, Tara Ison, David Stuart MacLean, Nancy Pearson, Emily Rapp)
  • Creative Nonfiction and the Hybrid Form (Re’Lynn Hansen, Toni Nealie, Harrison Fletcher, Garnett Kilborg Cohen)
  • Essayist as Human (Steven Church, Sarah Einstein, Cesar Diaz, and Kirk Wisland)


5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Reading by TBC


7 pm

Halloween Games Night!

Hosted by Patrick Madden and Elena Paserello



  1. I’m pleased to cover the Crime into Story panel on Saturday, October 31 at 10:45. I’m wrapping up my Creative Nonfiction MFA at Northern Arizona University; Nicole Walker is my mentor.


  2. I would be happy to do crafting true narrative journalism and the essay. (I have been a journo for 20 years, am faculty journalism/creative media and film at NAU and will be graduating from the MFA here program in December.)


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