Assay@NonfictionNow2015: Call for Friday Bloggers!

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We received many great offers to blog about the NonfictioNow Thursday Panels at NonfictioNow in Flagstaff, Arizona. We would like to keep the excitement going and open up the call now for covering panels on Friday, October 30, 2015. (Saturday’s call for guest bloggers will come soon.) Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered to blog about a panel or two, and if you haven’t claimed one yet, now’s the time!

Your guest post should be around 500-700 words and can be a summary, personal thoughts, quotes, or anything memorable that our nonfiction community would love to know about since we can’t all be at everything. Once your post is ready, send it in the text of an email to assayjournal (at) along with a one or two line bio and we’ll post them to our blog ASAP.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’d be willing to write a blog post about a panel or reading. If you signed up for a Thursday guest post, please feel free to sign up for multiple events!

Please make sure to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter–that way, we can tag you when your post goes live. Thank you, all!


Friday, 30 October 2015

9.00 am – 10.15 am

  • The Poessayitics of Form (Barrie Jean Borich, Harrison Fletcher, Paul Lisicky, Ira Sukrungruang, Neela Vaswani)
  • Epistolary Pedagogy (Jennifer Bowen Hicks, Sue William Silverman, Robert Vivian, Paul VanDyke, Anika Eide)
  • Essaying the Memoir (Sonya Huber, Joe Oestreich, Amy Monticello, Xu Xi)
  • What Does Theory Have to Do With It? (Julija Sukys, SL Wisenberg, Sarah Heston)
  • Behemoth Subjects (Lee Martin, Eric Anderson, Brandon Lingle, Lynn Kilpatrick)


10.45 am – 12 pm

  • The Beasts Amongst Us: Essayists Narrating the Animal World (Steven Church, Alison Hawthorne Demming, Elena Passarello, & Kirk Wisland)
  • Music and Writing (Thomas Larson, Richard Terrill, Will Jennings, Bob Cowser)
  • The Amateur’s Raid in a World of Specialists (Hope Edelman, Ned Stuckey-French, John Price, Mara Naselli, Michele Morano)
  • Colors of a Different Dragon (Rachelle Escamilla, Emily Stone, Xu Xi)
  • From the Newsroom to the Workshop (Sarah Viren, Inara Verzemnieks, Harrison Fletcher, Jennifer Latson)


12.15 pm – 1.15 pm

Keynote Address by Tim Flannery


2.30 pm – 3.45 pm

  • The View from the ‘Slush Pile’ (Steven Church, Stephanie G’Schwind, Hattie Fletcher, Ander Monson)
  • Creative Facting (Dave Madden, Michael Martone, Tim Denevi)
  • Balancing Acts: Writing Political Themes Through Political Stories (Liza Monroy, Daisy Hernandez, Deborah Jian Lee, John Christian Sevcik, Kassi Underwood)
  • The Lyric Moments (Justin Bigos, Bojan Louis, Sejal Shah, Matthew Olzmann)
  • Honest, not Sensationalism: Nonfiction after the Memoir Craze (Silas Hansen, Marcia Aldrich, Anne Panning, Ned Stuckey-French)


4.00 pm – 5.15 pm

  • Dark and Funny: Using Humour to Bring Levity to Difficult Subjects (Liza Monroy, Matthew Parker, Kassi Underwood, Ashley Cassandra Ford, Roxane Gay)
  • Rewriting Those We Love (Margot Singer, Lee Martin, Dinah Lenney, David McGlynn, Ann Peters)
  • Making (Radio) Waves (Nancy Barry, April Lidinsky, Ken Smith)
  • When a Writer is Born into a Family, the Family is F’ed (David Carlin, Sue William Silverman, Amanda Webster, Amy Monticello, Catherine Therese)
  • Looking for Real-Life Humberts (Michael Steinberg, Thomas Larson, Mimi Schwartz, Renee E. D’Aoust)


5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Reading by The Normal School


7 pm – 8 pm

Keynote Address by Michael Martone & Ander Monson


9 pm

Soiree Readings by Hotel Amerika


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