Assay@NonfictioNow2015: Call for Guest Bloggers–Thursday!

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The long-awaited return of NonfictioNow to the United States has had us thrilled for months–and now the schedule of panels is up on their website. To make NFN more accessible to the wider world and because in the time since AWP in Minneapolis we still haven’t come up with an effective method of cloning so we can be in several places at once, we’re calling for guest bloggers to write up reports on panels for us to archive here at Assay. We’ll be posting a call for each day separately. Please feel free to sign up for more than one panel, more than one day. Use the comment section (below) to reserve your choice, and we’ll cross it off the list, so no one else will take it.

Your guest post should be around 500-700 words and can be a summary, personal thoughts, quotes, or anything memorable that our nonfiction community would love to know about since we can’t all be at everything.The goal is to give those who aren’t there a good idea of what went on. Once your post is ready, send it in the text of an email to assayjournal (at) along with a one or two line bio and we’ll post them ASAP. If you want to see how we did AWP, click here.

Please make sure to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter–that way, we can tag you when your post goes live. Thank you, all!

Below is a call for guest bloggers for the first day of NonfictioNow. Stay tuned for the Friday and Saturday calls.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

9.00 am – 10.15 am

  • On Failure, or the Essay as Ruin (Lindsey Drager, Jenny Boully, Sarah Levine, Sarah Minor, Kristen Radtke)
  • Of Visual Essayistics (Denise Gonzales Crisp, Gail Swanlund, Ben Van Dyke, Joshua Unikel)
  • Mixed Media Memoir (Amy Silverman, Rebecca Fish Ewan, Deborah Sussman Susser)
  • First Person Dangerous (Anne Panning, Alexis Paige, Penny Guisinger, Karen Salyer McElmurray)
  • Meditations on Monstrous Characters (Marsha McGregor, Marcia Aldrich, Brooke Wonders, Amy Wright)


10:45 am – 12:00 pm 

  • Toward a Theory of Anthologies (Patricia Foster, David Lazar, Margot Singer, Patrick Madden, Paul Zakrewski)
  • Writing and Editing the City (Jennifer Acker, Curtis Bauer, Barrie Jean Borich, Aviya Kushner, Steve Wingate)
  • Beyond Scaffolding: Constructing an Essay Collection (Jennifer Bowen Hicks, Amy Butcher, Jericho Parms, John Proctor)
  • Writing from Within a Dissenting Subjectivity (Quince Mountain, Jose Orduna, Catina Bacote, Rachel Hansen, Toni Neali)
  • Theorizing Nonfiction (Travis Scholl, Beth Peterson, Joanna Eleftheriou, Corinna Cook, Jennifer Sinor)


12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

Keynote Address by Brian Doyle


2:30 pm – 3:45 pm 

  • Hydra-headed Memoirs & Well-connected Essays: Negotiating Your Book-length, NonFiction Thing (Steven Church, Steven Harvey, Sonya Huber, Tarn Wilson, Joe Mackall)
  • Exploring Women’s Bodies (Heidi Czerwiec, Jen Fitzgerald, EJ Levy, Wendy Ortiz, Anna March)
  • Writers on Essays that Took Forever to Get Right (Mary Margaret Alvarado, Amy Leach, Kerry Reilly, and Charles D’Ambrosio, Aviya Kushner)
  • A New ‘I’ on Nature: Explorations in Environmental Essays (Clinton Crockett Peters, Wendy Call, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Angela Pelster, Yelizaveta Renfro)
  • Relocating Dislocation: Uncovering the Familiar in the Strange (Deanna Benjamin, Travis Scholl, Beth Peterson, Eric O Scott)


4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

  • It’s a Family Affair: The Exciting/Perilous Task of Writing About our Relations (Honor Moore, Hope Edelman, Maggie Nelson, Lucas Mann, Mieke Eerkens)
  • Literary Travel Writer (Bonnie Rough, Alex Sheshunoff, Colleen Kinder, Robin Hemley)
  • You are what you write…: What Happens When Nonfiction Writers Get Defined by Their Material (Sonja Livingston, Justin St. Germain, and William Bradley, Beth Nguyen)
  • Performing the Essay: Combinations and Permutations (Peta Murray, Francesca Rendle-Short, Sophie Cunningham, Lucinda Strahan, Papatya Bucak)
  • Entropy Magazine: A Case Study (Emily Stern, Brooke Wonders, Barrett Warner, Sara Finnerty Turgeon, Nancy Jainchill)


7 pm – 8 pm

Keynote Address by Maggie Nelson


9 pm

Soiree Readings: Iowa 30 Years Anthology


  1. I would like to blog for one of the time slots: Writing from Within a Dissenting Subjectivity (Quince Mountain, Jose Orduna, Catina Bacote, Rachel Hansen, Toni Neali).

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