Blog Hiatus–Assay 1.2 is here!

It’s here! The spring issue of Assay 1.2 now available! To celebrate the new issue and all the great work inside it, we’re taking a hiatus from the blog to give readers a chance to explore it. We’re so excited for you to see the articles, conversations, and pedagogy in this issue–and our first-ever Roundtable, on the subject of the New Orleans Writing Marathon.

We’ll start the blog back up again on March 23 with another installment of our Monday series “My Favorite Essay To Teach,” with more “Wednesday Writers to Read” to follow. We’re open to other posts that don’t necessarily fit these series, but would be of interest to our nonfiction audience.If you’d like to be a guest writer for the blog, see our submission guidelines and send us your work!

You may have noticed the blog also has a new look to match our new issue! We hope you enjoy Assay 1.2, live on March 1.

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