Our spring issue is almost ready to post and we’re excited to unveil it to you on March 1! As we’re putting together its final touches, we’d like to share a few opportunities we have coming up and invite you to submit:

  1. Submit to the blog! We’re doing a big push to include more student writers on our blog, particularly in our Wednesday Writers to Read series. Much of what we’re looking for is the same kind of analytical reading response we often assign to our students–and here’s an opportunity for their work to find an audience beyond the classroom. We’re looking for excellent undergrad work as well as other levels.
  2. On Teaching: as we get the spring issue into the world, we’re also going to be resuming our between-the-issues activities, particularly In the Classroom.
    1. Syllabi for the syllabi bank.
    2. Submissions for “My Favorite Essay to Teach” on the blog.
    3. Reading lists/topic indexes of nonfiction texts. We’ve been noticing excellent conversations and calls to the internet brain trusts on specific topics–and those discussions need to be archived.
    4. Global nonfictionists list.
  3. We’d also like you to spread the word–and be on the lookout–for where your students might be writing work that we’d like to see, especially as the end of semesters come and go.
  4. Be on the lookout for us at AWP!

We like crossovers and follow-ups, so we encourage repeat entries for the blog in particular, as well as participation in the In the Classroom initiatives. We’re looking forward to the new conversations!

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